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Who is Roger Erb?
Roger Erb was one of the founding members of Montgomery Soccer. Roger helped start the club in 1978 with about 120 players in year one and it has grown to over 2,000 in 2014. He was dedicated to the success of soccer at the youth level and giving children a chance to play the game. His cousin, Jonathon Erb, put some money aside for the tournament in 1993 when Roger passed away. It has grown over the years and 2014 looks to be the largest ever.

What is the tournament about?
The tournament is about giving the Rec Select players an opportunity to continue playing once their regular season ends. It is about learning how to handle certain situations. But it is a tournament that celebrates the game of soccer and brings us together one more time to show what we can do on the field!

How should we treat the game?
Our goal is that you treat the game as just that... a game and, more importantly, a game played by children. The tournament is run by the volunteers of Montgomery United and refereed by our in-house people. They are our children, parents, players and friends... please treat them that way. We will not tolerate yelling or arguing with the ref and, if you do that, you will be asked to leave. In the same way, we promise not to yell or argue with you or your children.


Girls- November 12th        Boys- November 13th


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**All communications MUST go to David Jones. We are not responsible for emails sent to any other email address.

Depending on the number of teams per age division, we may combine age groups. Be advised that you may be "playing up" a division.